Marketing and Recruitment


Junior Firefighter Program Recruitment Video – Learn more about the benefit of junior firefighter programs and use this to recruit in your community! WMV Format for download

Customize this PowerPoint presentation for your local department. Utilize the presentation to reach out to local high schools and other youth groups. NVFC National Junior Firefighter Program presentation

View the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association video promoting junior firefighting on Long Island, New York. The Association brings together almost 40 programs throughout the region.

Marketing Ideas

Sharing Your National Service Story: A Guide to Working with the Media
Corporation for National and Community Service

Community Networking

  • Reach out to existing youth organizations, such as 4H, athletic teams, and other groups.
  • Form alliances and partnerships with schools and church/religious groups in your community.
  • Ask schools to host a fire prevention and safety event with your department and include promotion of your youth program.
  • If your schools have a community service program that requires students to complete a set number of hours with an organization in the community, be sure your program is listed. This is often a very easy way to drive participants.
  • Provide handouts/brochures for youth members of those groups and their parents.
  • Ask to attend school kick-off or other special events; or church functions; and be afforded the opportunity to have a table or other presentation of your program to attendees. Bring current participants of your program in uniform if possible to create a positive impression of your youth program.

Tap Into Local Media

  • Submit press releases and program news to your local media. Sample press releases are included on the Sample Documents page.
  • Find out if your local newspaper will feature a youth member each month or quarter, offering another means to promote your program and its successful participants.
  • Include your youth program in all outbound fundraising, news, and fire prevention materials.
  • Create a specific name and mission statement for your program that can be used for these purposes. Use something that is catchy and quickly relays what the program is about. Don’t underestimate the ‘excitement’ about the fire, rescue, and EMS service that already exists in your community.

Marketing From Within

  • Your members are your best recruiting tool.
  • Your existing adult members are likely parents themselves and may be interested in getting their children involved in the organization in a more formal manner. Their kids, in turn, become excellent ‘word of mouth’ marketing tools. The same applies to existing members of your youth program. Consider creating internal rewards and recognition for those youth recruiting new members for your program.