Liability and Safety Information

Parental Consent

Sample Parental Consent Form – Modify this form for use in your department. You should consult your department’s legal counsel, insurance carrier, and state association regarding specific policies in your department and laws in your state.

Background Checks

The NVFC National Junior Firefighter Program has partnered with JD Palatine to provide departments with an economical way to conduct background screenings for junior firefighter program advisors. Conducting background checks on new applicants and members can be a vital component of mitigating liability and risks associated with having a non-operational volunteer program in your fire department. Through this special benefit, NVFC members receive a discount on background screenings as part of the first Responder Search & Review program. Learn more on the members-only section of the NVFC web site at

State Laws

Each state has different regulations and laws concerning the activities in which youth fire service volunteers are allowed to participate. Information can generally be found by visiting your state’s Department of Labor and investigating child labor laws. Your state fire association or State Fire Marshal’s office is also a good source for information.

The following links provide information on youth fire service regulations. If you have information on your state’s policies and do not see it listed here, please send it to the NVFC at or fax to (202) 887-5291.




Maine (more information available here )


New Hampshire

North Carolina (more information available here on page 12)


Virginia (more information available here )

West Virginia