Junior Firefighters Nationwide Train at Camps and Academies

June 29, 2016

Summer just started and already junior firefighters nationwide have been busy participating in training camps, academies, and competitions. These programs help youth fire service members enhance their skill set in fun, safe environments, while meeting other juniors from near and far. Here are just a few of the trainings that have taken place recently. View a listing of camps and other opportunities near you.

Lanesborough (MA) Fire Department hosted its first-ever Junior Firefighter/Explorer Academy on May 7. Inspired by the NVFC’sNational Junior Firefighter Academy, the event was held with support from the Berkshire County Fire Chiefs Association, many local departments, the Western Mass Technical Rescue Team, and the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association. The event consisted of a total of eight drill stations, four held concurrently in the morning and four concurrently in the afternoon. The juniors had 45 minutes per station, with 15 minutes of rehab and transport time to the next station. The stations included low angle rope rescue, ladders, vehicle extrication, and more. Read more.

Photo courtesy of Lanesborough Fire Department

The Bayshore (NJ) EMS Cadet Competition, hosted by the Keyport First Aid Squad, was held on June 12. This was the 3rd annual competition. The competition was sponsored by the EMS Council of New Jersey (EMSCNJ), an 87-year-old nonprofit representing 20,000 EMS volunteers associated with nearly 300 rescue squads throughout the state. Eighty participants ages 14-18 from New Jersey and New York took part in the event for teens interested in becoming EMTs. A total of 20 basic and advanced teams − 13 from New Jersey and seven from New York − took part. The winning teams were the East Brunswick Rescue Squad (Advanced) and Bellmore-Merrick (NY) EMS (Basic). Other EMSCNJ teams that placed include 2nd District Team 2, Keyport FA Team 1, and West Long Branch FAS. Learn more.

Bayshore EMS Cadet Competition, photo courtesy of Pat Leonard
Bayshore EMS Cadet Competition, photo courtesy of Pat Leonard

Advance (NC) Fire Department Junior Cadets held their 2016 Fire Camp on June 13-15. The Fire Camp is an opportunity for rising 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders to gain an appreciation of fire and life safety issues, develop valuable skills used in search and rescue operations, increase team building skills, and become an advocate for safety. Most activities are conducted in pairs or teams in which the campers must work together to succeed. This year’s event included drills in fire behavior, hose handling, fire extinguishers, use of firefighting gear/equipment, vehicle extrication, and CPR/first aid. For more information and photos, visit www.facebook.com/afdjrcadets.

Advance Fire Camp, photo courtesy of Andrea Angie Brooks Steward, Advance Fire Department
Advance Fire Camp, photo courtesy of Andrea Angie Brooks Steward, Advance Fire Department