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The sample documents below can be adapted for your department to help you implement and maintain your junior firefighter program.

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Sample Operating Guidelines (Word)
Junior Members Standard (North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission) (PDF)

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Sample 2 (Word)

Press Releases
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For New Members
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Youth programs are critical to the long-term health of the fire service. This podcast offer insights and best practices for establishing and managing a local youth program within a department. It can be used as a resource for departments who are thinking of establishing a youth program as well as those who already have a program in place. Join Heather Schafer, Executive Director of the NVFC; Jim Williams, NVFC’s New York Director; Jeff Cash, NVFC’s North Carolina Director and Fire Chief of the Cherryville Fire Department; Allen Metheny, NVFC’s Alternate Director from Delaware and Past Chief and Past President of the Hartly Volunteer Fire Company; and Mike Barnett of the Elkridge (MD) Volunteer Fire Department as they introduce the National Junior Firefighter Program and discuss best practices for local programs.
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Rineyville Fire Dept.

The Junior program consist of a maximum of 10 juniors. It is run by 2 members of the fire department. They attend and receive training in preparation to transition into a volunteer. It also introduces...

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